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Graphic facilitation

As experienced, neutral third-party graphic facilitators we facilitate (guide/lead) meetings and workshops that employ collaborative, engaging, consensus-building, process tools and  visual supports. As experienced Graphic Recorders, we work quietly at the side to capture key points/ information from speakers at conferences and events using 'Visual Language'. We are Robert (Rob) and Laurie Benn, working together since 1998 as the Positive Culture Company.

Since 1998, we have been growing our business in all sectors including not-for-profit, corporate, institutional and government in Alberta, Western Canada and beyond.. 

We WELCOME new Clients. Please, give us a call to discuss how we may be of service to you – call Laurie, or Rob @ 1-403-526-1616.  Or, send an email to >< and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Based in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada and serving clients across the province of Alberta and beyond.

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Why use Facilitators?

Using neutral, third-party facilitators lets everyone attending FULLY participate in the professionally custom-designed processes and activities of the day. Everyone can be confident knowing that the meeting will be kept moving along at a respectful pace and that important information/decisions will be accurately recorded.

Why Use Graphic Murals or Visual Processes?

The human mind is wired for visual stimulation and our brains use visual cues to store and retrieve  information. Using visuals helps people communicate, participate and be creative together.  'Graphic recordings and murals' respect the work that has gone before and invite people to engage with and remember the information, thoughts and ideas represented. (Graphic recordings provide great memory tools of a speaker's key points.)

We have found that people respond extremely positively to our visual processes in our workshops and meetings; participants feel included, become quickly engaged  in the work at hand, and can physically 'see' the forward progression of the group's work. Graphic recordings/murals make a lasting impression in the memory of participants, boosting long-term commitment and buy-in. Many of our clients print smaller, color copies of the graphics for participant 'take-aways'. These have tremendous, lasting group memory and story-sharing power!

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