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About Us

Positive Culture Company
started August 1998

The Benn's

Graphically facilitated meetings,
workshops and visual supports that deliver!

Rob and Laurie Benn 2007We are Rob and Laurie Benn, neutral third-party, meeting facilitators and visual thinkers.
We specialize in custom-designing and facilitating all sizes of meetings and workshops and generating visual supports for those gatherings.

Through the use of excellent facilitative processes combined with an innovative style of capturing key information and decisions (graphic recording), we have excelled at helping groups of people come together, get solid work done AND at the same time, genuinely enjoy doing it! 

Since 1998, we have been designing and facilitating meetings and workshops for Clients AND Participants that consistently receive high accolades.  Our ability to stay true to the four foundations of a Positive Culture (respect, communication, participation and creativity) is key to this success.
We skillfully weave the best facilitation processes we have gathered over the years into meaningful, interactive, productive meetings and workshops for our Clients. We consciously design energetic, dynamic meetings and workshops that respectfully engage and encourage Participants AND that reach the desired outcomes of the Client.

Employing ‘Visual Language and Graphics’ throughout our work, is another reason Clients and Participants tell us our workshops and meetings are so successful.   This style of capturing important information and ideas as they unfold enables ‘visual learning’ – the most powerful learning style, as 85% of us ARE visual learners!  Graphic Recording in meetings and workshops helps Participants stay interested, focused, on task and able to arrive at good decisions together faster!
If you are looking for:

  • experienced, neutral, third-party facilitators
  • innovative natural facilitation methods that fully engage participants
  • collaborative and productive meetings and workshops
  • energetic processes that deliver excellent results ...

please contact us to discuss how we can best serve you.


the four parts of a positive culture
The Four Parts of a Positive Culture


Laurie and Rob Benn, co-graphic facilitators
(based in Southern Alberta)

Text Box: Rob and Laurie Benn Co-Graphic FacilitatorsRob Benn, B.F.A. and Laurie Benn, B.Ed., work together in the Positive Culture Company based out of Medicine Hat, Alberta. Since 1998 they have been successfully providing graphic facilitation and visual language services to individuals and groups in the private, government and not-for-profit sectors across Alberta, in parts of Ontario, Saskatchewan and the USA. Rob is Past President of the IFVP – International Forum of Visual Practitioners www.ifvp.org where the Organization’s Mission is to support and promote the Practitioner along with growing the Visual Practitioner field.

Our Clients-Testimonials

Laurie comes from a teaching background (Kindergarten to Adult Ed) and brings a wealth of experience designing and delivering dynamic processes and activities that help people to work together, share information and ideas and arrive at valuable learnings and meaningful decisions.

Rob comes from a Community Development background and as an Artist, combines his drawing skills with his many years of experience working with groups to bring about change, embrace new ideas and find the best ways of achieving goals and outcomes.

Melanie David, our affiliate team member (now in Medicine Hat!)

Text Box: Rob and Laurie Benn Co-Graphic FacilitatorsMelanie David, BA (Cognitive Sciences) has been a graphic recorder for three years. As a graphic recorder, She ‘scribes’ in real time, the processes, discussions and plans as they emerge from a facilitated group using visual language. Melanie works closely with the facilitator before the event to orchestrate how her skills can best be utilized by the group. http://drawn2success.ca/ Melanie's clients have included:

  • Kraft Canada- Blue Mountain
  • Alpha Chimp Studios
  • the Potential Group
  • The United Way, Peele region
  • Parks Canada
  • Kraft Canada- Toronto

Our Vision:

A World where work is seriously FUN and Productive!

Our Mission:

Based in Southern Alberta, Canada we are meeting faciliatators who provide outstanding visual language services locally, nationally and internationally.

Our Values:

we embrace the four parts of a Positive Culture



Rob and Laurie Benn - the team

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