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Graphic Recording
& Visual Supports for Meetings

we are wired for visual

The old addage, 'a picture paints a thousand words' truly describes the advantages of using visual language and graphic recording to help people focus, understand concepts and remember key information better.

One of the key components to our highly successful meetings and workshops is our use of Visual Language and Graphics throughout our work. This style of capturing and holding ideas (graphic recording) enables ‘visual learning’ – the most powerful learning style, as 85% of us ARE visual learners!

Real-time graphic recording

The Positive Culture Company has been Graphic Recording at events around Alberta and beyond since 1998. Hundreds of images have helped people plan understand colaborate and make progress together.

Laurie finishing a Chart

During meetings, presentations and workshops, it is often necessary to take notes. Instead of simply recording bulleted lists on multiple flipchart pages, the graphic recorder works on a large sheet of paper (approx 4'x8') using colored markers (and sometimes chalks) to illustrate and capture key information and concepts of the meeting or presentation as it unfolds.


  • increases Participant absorption of material
  • provides a graphic "road map" of key information
  • results in a great visual memory tool for reflection and review
  • 85% of us are visual learners

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Melanie, Laurie and Rob record at the NAIT All Staff Event


Information Recording (that’s unique, fun and effective!)

Using Visual Language, we are able to capture the ‘gems’ or ‘nuggets’ or ‘highlights’ of a Speaker’s presentation LIVE at your event or workshop. We work quietly to the side of the speaker, listening intently and graphically recording as his/her presentation unfolds.

example live graphic recording

The result is a large, (4’x8’ and up) colorful, visual memory tool that can be used afterwards to help others experience or remember the wonderful information the Speaker presented. Digital pictures of the wall charts can be used in reports, web applications, newsletters or other media..

Celebration Activity
We love putting our creative talents in play at special events and gatherings by collecting stories or information from participants attending your celebration event and graphically recording them (ie. during a banquet and into the evening as part of the entertainment off to the side of the crowd).

input session at UofL

The result is a large (approx. 4’ x 8-10-12’) fully colored mural containing a plethora of information as it relates to:

  • The event itself
  • Participants at the event
  • About an aspect of programming
  • About the history of an organization – stories along the way
  • About something important to YOUR group!

Please contact us to discuss your needs and ideas!


Gathering Feedback
We have lots of experience helping Clients to conduct friendly, interactive ‘surveys’ by gathering and graphically recording feedback and input from Participants, Passersby at say:

  • a Trade Fair or other Public Event
  • a Conference (ie. during a break or as part of the trade fair)
  • a Wedding or other large gathering of people

The visuals are a crowd stopper and a crowd pleaser as well as an official, real-time record of data gathered.

U of L Food Services Input summary
click to see larger image

Presentation Enhancement
Capture the highlights of a panel discussion in a visual format that augments the presentation and can be used later to share the presenter’s key info with others.

young people present their mural
click to see this mural

Would you like to find out more? Please contact us

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