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Drawn 2 Success

access your creative mind and communicate better

Exploring Visual Language 

as a tool for successful
communication, collaboration and engagemen

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Throughout human history, tool use has spread through sharing. What good is a tool if it is not shared? We have a powerful communication tool that we have been using with great SUCCESS for over 15 years and now we want to share it with YOU!

Learn how to engage people in a MEANINGFUL and VISUAL way!

Learn how to JAZZ up your presentations, flip charts, meetings and notes. Steer away from the ‘same-old, same-old’ and think outside the box!

"Doodling" using visual langage is a wonderful way to engage your creative mind and share with others. Group Doodles help everyone share and  work together in an exciting transparent and democratic way.


Who would benefit from this workshop?

  • Facilitators
  • Teachers
  • Counsellors
  • Social Workers
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Human Resource Practitioners
  • Change Agents
  • Instructors
  • Therapists
  • Community Workers
  • Event Planners
  • Communications Officers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Fundraisers/ Idea Salespeople
  • Presenters
  • Students




Why develop your Visual Language skills?

People naturally respond to visual imagery. Visual Language helps people to remember information better, to grasp concepts faster, to engage in meaningful dialogue and to reach consensus of action faster.

Having Visual Language skills in your communications toolbox will increase your ability to successfully engage, communicate and collaborate with people.

Visual Language skills will strengthen your communication tool kit in exciting ways at work and at home! The ability to communicate clearly and effectively is a strong indicator for success in life!  Join the Visual Revolution

Wharton School of Business studied Visual Language

They focused on the effectiveness of visual language and found that:

  • in a group shown a visual language presentation, 64% made a decision immediately after the presentation. The control group lagged behind.
  • presenters who used visual language in their presentations were perceived as being more effective than those not using visuals. Comments like: more concise, more interesting, better prepared, more professional, more credible were recorded.
  • meetings using visual language to enhance presentations were 24% shorter. •groups using Visual Language reached consensus 79% of the time compared to the control groups at 50%.
  • in purely verbal presentations the presenters convinced 50% of their audience. Presenters using visual language to enhance their verbal presentations convinced 67% of their audience.

What will you learn in the workshop?

In this jam-packed two day workshop, you will learn all the basic building blocks of Visual Language that you will need to start exploring this exciting communication tool.

Visual Language Basics

  • The visual lanuage alphabet and basic iconography,
  • Colour, shadows and texture,
  • Bullets, arrows, banners and boxes,
  • Text, fonts and titles,
  • Desk top, flip chart and big wall practice!
  • Help you think about layout, purpose, impact and colour use
  • Introduce you to graphic recording and provide you with useful links and resources.
  • Stages of Visual Language the process; Focusing, Purpose, Chunking, Lay-out and Design.

Visual Language Tools and Equipment

  • How to select and use - tricks and tips
  • Where to get resources
  • Tips on working BIG

Visual Language Applications

  • Visual Agendas, Templates, Information Maps, Overviews.
  • Discussion with you on how you might use this technology in your life.


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How will you learn Visual Language?

Hands-on and Experiential Learning, appealing to visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles, the Drawn 2 Success workshop is aimed at all your senses. You will discover a lot about your inner artistic abilities (we ALL have them, you just have to set them free!) through hands-on practice activities, small group work and one-on-one mentorship from experienced Visual Language professionals.


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Our workshop design follows our company’s core philosophy:
The Four Parts of a Positive Culture;

Respect, Communication, Participation and Creativity.

positiveculture wheel

RESPECT: We completely understand and respect that it is intimidating for many people to draw, let alone draw in front of other people. Feelings like, “I can’t draw” or “my drawings are not good enough” can be overwhelming, but don’t let them stop you! YOU CAN DO THIS! WE PROMISE! We will create a safe, comfortable and encouraging environment in which to learn, experiment and have fun!

COMMUNICATION: We will share with you about our own experiences with Visual Language and how it ties in with our company’s core philosophy so that you can understand how and why we came to embrace Visual Language in our lives. There will be many opportunities throughout the two days for the group to share and communicate their experiences, ideas, reflections and insights so that we end up creating a richness of shared intelligence about Visual Language.

PARTICIPATION: By participating together, we strengthen our learning, we deepen our insights, we build our courage to meet challenges head on and we feel energized by each other. In the Drawn 2 Success workshop, you will be engaged in Visual Language through individual, small group and large group exercises that are fun, interactive and authentic! You will be actively using Visual Language throughput the workshop. Two full days of intense learning and hands-on application!

CREATIVITY: In order to unleash your creative potential, you first must distance yourself from the side of your brain you are used to using. Most of us live primarily in our ‘left brain’- firmly rooted in logic, language, text and rules. The ‘right side’ of our brains (the artistic, emotional and creative side), is sadly underutilized in many situations where it could actually be quite helpful! The transition to right-brain thinking can be intimidating at first, but if you give yourself permission to jump in, you’ll. discover that there is no real limit to your creative potential!

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Positive Culture Company
About Us

As a facilitation company, Positive Culture has, for over 15 years, been “Drawing” many groups, organizations, boards and municipal governments to “Success” using innovative facilitation techniques and Visual Language skills, guided by a core philosophy: the Four Parts of a Positive Company.

We are a business based out of Medicine Hat, AB.

  • Robert Benn - President, Graphic Facilitator, and Professional Artist (BFA 1980 Calgary) with community development experience.

  • Laurie Benn - Lead Facilitator and Professional Educator (B Ed 1979 Calgary) with a talent for educational design.

  • Melanie Benn - contract Facilitator (BA 2009 York)

For more info visit www.positiveculture.ca/About-Us.html

Visual facilitation

What have people been saying about our workshops?

  • I was excited by: "the handbook, the wonderful supplies, practice and that I can do this!" Veronica Vinge, Consultant

  • "Hands on was GREAT!" Linda Prinz, Lethbridge Housing

  • I was excited by: "Learning new skills from Excellent Practitioners" David Green, FCSS

  • "Excellent! Innovative, fun and valuable tools I can put into my creative toolbox". Jeff Morris, Supervisor

  • "Great workshop! Encourages you to work and play outside your comfort zone, but you still feel safe and willing to try new things. It was a great day." Janet Vas, Lead, Attraction Strategies, Alberta Health Services

  • I was excited by: "learning how to incorporate visual icons with text to create messages" Natalie Falk, Business Development Officer

  • "Excellent! More than I expected. Very usable tool in planning and presenting." Gordon Bates, Manager, Provincial Air Ambulance

  • Excellent! Smashing! Breanne Yaremko, HR Advisor

  • "Very enjoyable, fast paced, well-coordinated. Pleasant and very helpful. Well done!" Doug Burke, Air Ambulance Supervisor

  • "Excellent! Acquired new skills for everyday use." Dave Warhaft, Operations Supervisor


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