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Services for Municipal Governments

Finding Common Ground

Input meeting

When Municipal Officials need to consult with their communities or with regional stakeholders, it needs to be meaningful and productive. We have many years of experience designing and implementing friendly, effective "Community  Engagement' processes to gather, analyze and interpret these valuable inputs resulting in  REAL solutions  with buy-in and support behind them. more details

Public / Stakeholder Input Sessions

  Asking the Public or your project Stakeholders  for their input should be engaging and inspiring. Our processes, encourage positive meaningful dialogue and thoughtful input,  resulting in organized and useful feedback.  
"I would highly recommend the Positive Culture Company’s
unique stakeholder input facilitation services! 
...  It has been truly transformational!
The feedback has been so positive and the results spectacular!"
James Booth, Executive Director
Ancillary Services, University of Lethbridge

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Regional/Stakeholder Meetings


When successful, regional cooperation and collaboration can produce win-win situations for all participants. We have found that in order for regional initiatives to be successful participants must first find common ground and then come to consensus of action. Our processes engage participants in sharing their points of view and then through meaningful dialogue solve for the positive reasons to work together.

“I really enjoyed this process.  You made it easy for this group to come to an agreement about goals we want to achieve.  You make it look effortless- and it’s not!”

Renae Barlow- Chair, Vibrant Lethbridge
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Focus Groups / Deep Dives / Creative Problem Solving


Busy people need to be efficient and effective in their use of time together. With graphic facilitation from Positive Culture everyone on the team can participate in the meeting. Groups tell us they find it easy to focus on the subject at hand, while we look after  process and timing.  We have worked with groups large and small to find solutions, design new products or to analyze new information.

“For the first time I was actively engaged from start to finish. What would be a long day seemed to fly by.” 

Kevin Provost,
Piikani Child and Family Services
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Services for Municipal  Governments

Strategic Planning
Municipal Councils
Municipal Services Guide Engaging Staff
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