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Services for Municipal Governments

Engaging Staff

The Positive Culture Company custom designs processes to help groups of all sizes to come together and talk about important topics.  Our processes engage participants in dialogue focusing on  topics like "how can we  work together more effectively and efficiently".
Engaging your staff gives you the full benefit of their knowledge and experience, resulting in a more positive working environment, contributing to  higher productivity.

Action Planning Workshops



Positive Culture has dynamic, interactive processes to help work teams combine their experience, knowledge and creative energies to flesh out action plans with clearly defined targets and key strategies to reach them

 "I have attended facilitated workshops before but not ones so thoroughly and creatively planned out.  The activities created conversation and generated fabulous ideas.  You were fun and I would love to attend another workshop facilitated by you.”

Janna Grant, Brooks, AB
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Team building Sessions

  Working together to get things done! It's simple! If only that were true....

Our Team building sessions are designed to allow your unique team to talk through the challenges of doing their work together. We have processes that involve inclusive thinking, nurturing a positive, open work environment.  
"Images are great, good discussion"
"Good opportunity to put some issues on the table. Interactive and efficient"
"Provided opportunity to voice what was important/ of concern to us."
team building participant feedback 

Review and Renew Workshop



The Review and Renew Workshop is a chance for the Team take time and get together and review the work accomplished toward the Plan.  Processes will allow for thoughtful engaging discussion to identify challenges and opportunities and then develop together a consensus of action and renewal of inspiration.

“The combination of graphic illustration and facilitation service helps stimulate creative thoughts and leads to new ideas and expanded perspectives.”

Layne Johnson- Assistant Administrator
County of Newell
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Focused Creative Problem Solving Workshop



Working closely with the client we custom design workshops that engage participants and focus on a problem, issue or project that needs attention.  Using visual thinking and conversational processes the Positive Culture Company encourages creativity that combines the brainpower in the room to arrive at solutions.

"The facilitators did a great job of keeping the group focused and they have a talent/ability to bring the group back to original topic.  I would recommend the Positive Culture Company without hesitation! "

Colin J. Kelly, Co-Chair, 
Northland Community Engagement Team
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