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Services for Municipal Governments

Council Strategic Planning

A Municipal Council Strategic Planning

Positive Culture’s Visual Strategic Planning processes help Municipal Councils  work to understand the challenges and opportunities of the future and to create the best strategic plan for moving successfully forward together. 

Strategic Planning Workshop
2 days – approx. 6 hrs workshop time each day

Find consensus of vision and strategic direction for the future. 

We work with you to custom design a workshop to meet your Council's distinctive needs. Workshop components could include: visioning together, identifying shared values, performing an enviro scan, identifying challenges, opportunities, gaps, strengths, identifying strategic areas for action, key resources and more!  All information generated during the workshop is graphically recorded, in real time, on large, colourful wall-size charts/ graphics/ templates that help keep focus while stimulating momentum and adding interest to this important work.

Follow-up Report
Within 10 business days of your strategic planning session, you will receive a visually stimulating summary report of the workshop’s activities and outcomes by email.  This will then be followed by a customized CD Rom containing: the report, digital pictures of all graphic recording charts generated during the workshop processes and a library of great shots captured during the session of participants working together.
"Excellent.  It was a very well thought out process
which lead us to develop a very doable strategic plan. 
A very worthwhile experience."
Don Gibbs, Mayor, Village of Rosemary 
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Review and Renew Workshop



It makes sense to periodically "Review and Renew" Strategic Plans.  This Workshop provides a safe, engaging environment for participants to get together and take time to review the work accomplished toward the plan.  Participants will review together the Vision, Mission, Shared Values and Goals to confirm their continued relevance or come to consensus of necessary tweaks or changes.  This workshop allows for thoughtful and engaging discussion leading to renewed consensus of action and inspiration.

"Excellent.  Enjoyed the conversations and the visual presentation.  Great involvement.  Appreciated your patience and ability to adjust to our needs – Great flow!! "

Maggie Kronen, Mayor, Town of Cardston

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Focused Creative Problem Solving Workshop



Custom designed processes allow the group to engage and focus on a problem / issue that needs attention; share observations; find creative solutions and find consensus of action(s).  

“Very effective to take concepts and put them on the board visually – helps to focus.”  

Brenda Burton, Senior Manager, Alberta Human Services
more participant reviews


Inspirational Information Murals - Studio Project  allow 2 weeks preparation

A  large, colourful, wall-size graphics are a friendly way of presenting ideas and concepts to an audience. The mural becomes an inspirational way to talk about your community or special project, smaller versions of the mural can be printed and make an excellent take-away that serves as a memory tool for later recall. Positive Culture Company can convert your text based reports or plans into a visual mural.

Action Arrows - Studio Project: done after the workshop,

A large, inspirational, wall-size studio graphic, created after the planning workshop. The Action Arrow illustrates the key elements of the complete Strategic Plan, making a great visual memory tool for decisions made together that will provide focus for continued future success.  Your Action Arrow graphic also serves as a great tool for sharing the Strategic Plan with Stakeholders, Staff and others, affording consistent messaging and engaging visuals. (includes delivery and instructions for use)
Extra Options:
high detail scanning and lamination.

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