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Info-murals/History maps/Project Overviews

Large (approx. 4'x6'-8'), colourful hand-drawn murals containing synthesized and organized information ALL ON ONE PAGE are a proven, effective communication tool, again, because 75% of our brains are wired for visuals!

a visual tool that is NOT PowerPoint

Everything is woven together in a complete picture – (not contained in staccato slideshows), allowing viewers the opportunity to instantly see connections in data, understand relationships and hold on to ideas as the speaker/presenter moves the story along.! The presenter/speaker is free to direct the audience to the mural parts using arm gestures while maintaining important eye-contact with their audience - a truly engaging style of presentation!

History Map

Information is presented all together on one page in a visually stimulating way to hold interest. It is grouped and positioned for ease of 'flow' and understanding, and it contains iconography (images) relevant to the information to help 'paint the picture' and enable the audience to 'flow' with the presenter/speaker and connect with the information in a much more 'brain-friendly' manner.

telling the Chart's story

Mural Subject Areas:

  • Organization Overviews - Concept Overviews - How Work Gets Done
  • Visual Timelines - Group or Organization Histories
  • Project Intentions - Directions - Goals - Branding (who you are)
  • Business Plans - New Models - New Procedures - Illustrated Action Plans
  • Special Events Memories Mural (highlights illustrated)
  • Educational Events
  • Custom - to meet your needs!

Mural Applications:

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Custom artwork

The Positive Culture Company designs eye-catching, one of a kind custom art pieces and visual aids. Call us to discuss your needs.  see more of Rob's art...

Label Masion - Pincher Creek Alberta

Lundbrek Falls - Alberta

Grey Owl - custom drawing from Glenbow Museum Photographs

see more of Rob's art...

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