Robert and Laurie Benn, "the Benn's"
and Melanie David

Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada


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Group Facilitation Services

featuring Visual Language


Rob, Laurie and Melanie, custom design and facilitate engaging and collaborative workshops featuring an innovative style of visually capturing key information, group thinking and group decisions.  These workshops are designed around the philosophy of a Positive Culture fostering greater understanding and maximizing the creative and collaborative potential of any group.


The Positive Culture Company provides:


  •     experienced, neutral, third-party facilitation,
  •     dynamic, engaging processes and opportunities for exchanging and gathering ideas,
  •     meaningful discussion activities that nurture and build consensus,
  •     powerful clarity of group input, visually captured as the group progresses.



Why Use Graphic Murals or Visuals in Group Processes?


Why Plan With Positive Culture?
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Case Studies