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Graphically Facilitated
Meetings and Workshops

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Strategic and Action Planning

Visioning and Values

Input Gathering / Focus Groups

World Cafe

Strategic and Action Planning

Effective teams and organizations are made up of individuals working cohesively towards a common vision within a positive culture. Success can be realized when consensus of focus, direction and action are achieved.

Graphic facilitation

We custom design and facilitate strategic planning AND action planning workshops that employ excellent facilitative processes combined with an innovative style of capturing key information and decisions (graphic recording). These custom designed workshops may include:

  • Gathering stakeholder input
  • Celebrating successes
  • Reviewing or developing vision, mission and values
  • Scanning the environment
  • Identifying Challenges, Opportunities, Gaps and Strengths
  • Determining Strategic Directions
  • Setting priorities and identifying desired outcomes

... AND genuinely enjoying doing it! 

Click here for a sample workshop overview


“Excellent. I have attended facilitated workshops before but not ones so thoroughly and creatively planned out. The activities created conversation and generated fabulous ideas. You were fun and I would love to attend another workshop facilitated by you.”

Janna Grant, Youth Services Coordinator, Boys & Girls Club of Brooks and District

“Excellent. Thought-provoking. The graphics assisted our ability to integrate the information. Very worthwhile process. Thank you!”

Tania Miller, Senior Manager

“Excellent. This was intense. Facilitation kept us moving. Love the visuals. Excellent dynamic duo.”

Kath Rhyason, CASS Executive Director

“Excellent. Made me understand my committee and organization better. Gave me a ‘wow’ moment – now I see how it all works!”

Tara McKee, Mental Health Consultant

“Excellent. This was a high energy, demanding and thought provoking experience. The process engaged everyone in the room and produced results – clear identification of key issues, key strategies, Desired Outcomes and specifics about who/ how/ when plans will be executed.”

Participant, South Joint Planning Annual Conference

“Excellent work facilitating a very complex process! Thank you!!”

Scott Brandt, Assist. Superintendent, Grasslands School Division

“Lots of energy generated and organized. We seem to have a way forward. Thank you.”

Charlotte Foulston, Pediatrician

“Very positive experience for our Council – with this plan, we can take action.”

Russ Barnett, Town of Magrath

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Visioning and Values

The Vision and Values of an organization set parameters which help to guide decisions for the future and play an important role in helping stakeholders, employees and members understand the overall direction and intent of the organization. Taking time to develop these integral organization pieces helps to bring focus and clarity to decisions affecting the future.

Laurie leads a visioning session

We custom design dynamic and energetic workshops that help organizations and businesses to establish a clear vision and identify shared or core values.


“One of the most successful and engaging vision-building sessions I have taken part in.”

Participant, Economic Development Lethbridge Workshop

“I felt the flow of ideas & information was very positive and there was good, open “VISIONING” by all the participants.”

Participant, Lethbridge High Level Bridge Centennial Visioning Session

“The day was not only enjoyable but effective and helped us focus our vision.”

Participant, SHIA Housing Initiative

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Input Gathering/Focus Groups

At times, groups and organizations need to consult with their stakeholders and/or communities or clients. We have many years of experience designing and implementing friendly, effective processes to gather, analyze and interpret this valuable input.

Facilitated Input Meeting

The Positive Culture Company provides:

    • experienced, neutral, third-party facilitation
    • dynamic, engaging processes and opportunities for exchanging and gathering ideas
    • meaningful discussion activities, captured visually as the group progresses
    • activities that nurture and build consensus
    • powerful visual clarity of group input
    • clear, well-organized and useful information


"I found the session to be highly interactive and the information sharing was very enlightening. The facilitators kept the audience engaged."

Medicine Hat College Staff Member

"Good session allowing for a wide variety of alternative viewpoints."
Medicine Hat College Staff Member

"Visual presentations REALLY supported the day. The interaction methods were great!"

Brian Kinahan, Chair of Affordable Housing sub-committee, SHIA

"Excellent ability to 'warm the group' and get strangers talking together!!"

Jennifer Spriddle, Family Counsellor

“Laurie & Rob were very successful at bringing a mixed group to a focal point where great energy and ideas came out.”

Participant, Lethbridge High Level Bridge Centennial Visioning Session

check out our testimonials page for what people are saying about us.

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World Cafés

The World Café is a wonderful way for people to come together and have lively conversations about important topics and subjects.

This highly popular and engaging process involves Participants in small rotating conversation groups. Open-ended questions are carefully designed to elicit deep, passionate discussion that is inclusive and respectful and results in participants coming to consensus of understanding, consensus of direction and often, consensus of action.

Rob tells the story of the chart to a Public Input Session in Medicine Hat

We then facilitate a large group share-back session following the café conversation time to graphically record highlights of conversation results. We create a large, colorful (4'x8') visual summary chart that serves as a group memory of the conversation results and provides a powerful way to ‘wrap up’ the larger group conversation activity.

Digital photos of the chart once it is completed are taken for our Clients to:

  • use later in reports
  • print in a smaller format for participants to have as a memory tool of outcomes
  • share information with others (on websites, in power-points, newsletters, etc)

Process Benefits:

  • captivates & stimulates
  • participants move quickly
  • interactive and positive
  • enables different perspectives and viewpoints
  • easy to be heard and hear the viewpoints of others
  • Very Productive!

World Cafe Foundation site: www.theworldcafe.com

world cafe table notes


“Love the visuals. Great facilitating by Laurie & Rob. Great networking opportunity. World Café great chance to talk about what Brooks needs.”

Biftu Abdalla, Community Development Assistant Coordinator

“Interesting and motivating. Very professional. Fun. Kept order and momentum for the group discussion.”

Jackie Flowers, Chairperson, Central School Parent Advisory

“Positive and rewarding experience and process.”

Stephanie Bernhardt, Parent, Grasslands Public Schools

“This was great. World Café provided opportunity for lots of discussions. I love the murals! What a wonderful way to capture our thoughts and ideas.”

Administrator, Grasslands Public Schools

“I like the combination of open space facilitation and the world café. Excellent facilitating for such a large group.”

Participant, Economic Development Lethbridge Workshop

check out our testimonials page for what people are saying about us.

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