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 Services for Municipal Governments

Council strategic planning link 

New and  returning Councillors need to find common ground, discuss the future and come to consensus of the strategic direction and goals they will strive to achieve together. Positive Culture’s Visual Strategic Planning processes help Municipal Councils to understand the challenges and opportunities of the future and to create the best strategic plan for moving forward successfully together.   more details  

Public Input Meeting

When Municipal Officials need to consult with their communities or with regional stakeholders, it needs to be meaningful and productive.   

We have many years of experience designing and implementing friendly, effective "Community  Engagement' processes to gather, analyze and interpret these valuable inputs resulting in  REAL solutions  with buy-in and support behind them. more details

Staff Team Building

Engaged Staff are more productive and contribute to a more positive working environment.  Positive Culture has interactive processes to help staff combine their experience, knowledge and creative energies to flesh out action plans with clearly defined targets and solid strategies to reach them.

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