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What are clients and participants saying
about Positive Culture’s work?

After 16 years of evaluations and 1000s of participants
we have  over 98% of those participants
scoring the Positive Culture Company
"very satisfied" or "excellent".

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Oppokaa'sin Early Intervention Society
Input on the Aboriginal Head Start Program for the Government of Canada
June 2017

I just want to thank you Rob for the great job you did! Parents and Elders alike were very impressed. 


Tanya  Pace-Croasschild, Executive Director

Barons, Eureka, Warner FCSS 
Collaborative Planning Session with Board and Staff
January 2017

Excellent.  Probably one of the best facilitated workshops I have participated in, lots of work done in a very easy way.                      
Laura Ross-Giroux, Board Member, FCSS, Councillor Town of Taber

Excellent.  Extremely well organized.  Very motivating.  I was very impressed with their knowledge of our agency.

Margie Hartley, Family Counsellor

Excellent.  Love creativity.  Rich dynamic conversations.  Very good at redirecting and harvesting ideas.

Tanie Reid-Walker, Counsellor

Excellent.  Love the images and the ability to keep us on track.  Love the research Laurie & Rob did before to get to know our agency.  Thank you so much.

Jackie Fiorino, Parent Coach

Excellent.  Brings the boring work to life.  Makes it exciting and interactive.  Invokes creativity in us.

Myrna Sopal, Parent Coach, BEWFCSS

Excellent.  Really engaged & productive!

Cathy Needham, Chair of the Board, BEW FCSS

Excellent.  Way to draw thoughts & ideas out of the group! Fun WORK!!

Nancy Keeler, Parent Coach

Excellent.  Fabulous use of linking visuals & material, digging deep to mine the gold! 

Marie Hutchison, University of Calgary – BSW Practicum Student

Excellent.  A very unique and effective process.  This can be such an exhausting process, but this was done in a way that was engaging and kept the process flowing.

Bryan Bullock, BEW FCSS

Excellent.  What a wonderful couple of days.  Loved the graphic learning style, the interaction – the process!

Kori Kuryvial, Seniors Wellness

Excellent.  A picture is worth a thousand words and adds a level of energetic alignment to the process.  Thank you for brightening and elevating the often-tedious process of strategic planning.

Karen Lanser, Counsellor

Excellent.  What an experience!  I felt engaged each and every moment of the 2 day process!

Brenda Rathwell, Parenting & Family Coach

Excellent.  Rob & Laurie were really competent at this exercise.  They usually kept us on task – all 30 of us! And they made it fun and colorful!

Mary-Rose McMullin, Family & Parenting Coach

Excellent Team Presenters, leading us through our strategic planning Retreat in a short time frame.  Looking forward to our copy of the visual!

Evelyn Florence-Greene, Accounting Assistant

Excellent.  Well prepared & excellently executed exercise which was enjoyable& actively engaged all participants & resulted in successful goal achievement.

Barb Edgecombe-Green, Board Member

It is hard work to strategic plan- but the artwork really helped keep us engaged – best one I’ve been to.

Don Holinaty, Board of Directors Member, BEW FCSS 

I loved the creative process!  It is challenging but the results are worth it and fun!

Lisa Vanden Dungen, Counsellor

Opokaa’sin Early Intervention Society
June 2016

  • Thank you for your work. Pam Blood, Opokaa’sin Chairperson
  • Excellent.  Lena Davis, Office Manager
  • Excellent.  Audrey Krizsan, Board Member
  • Kept track of time. Reigned in comments. Brought out some excellent ideas. Excellent!
    Crystal Shade, Finance Manager
  • Loved it. Visual knowledge leads to successful outcomes.  Myles Bruised Head, Family Preservation Supervisor
  • I loved the drawings! Great job! Jocelyn Davis, Child Care Centre Supervisor

Association of School Business Officials of Alberta
June 2016

  • A fantastic job facilitating. Really appreciate the understanding of our organization. Paula Elock, Secretary Treasurer
  • Always do a great job drawing out the wisdom of our membership. Susan Roy, Treasurer
  • Well done! Really enjoyed the process it helped to bring focus to the day which gave us a great plan in the end! Reta Morgan, Secretary Treasurer
  • Very enjoyable! Elaine Klukes, Finance Manger
  • Always a great experience. Positive Culture makes planning fun! Christine Lee, ASBOA
  • Thanks this was great! Deb Schlag, ASBOA President Elect
  • Great day as always, our creative juices flowed. Lisa Palmarin, ASBOA President

Taber and District Housing Foundation
May 2015

       Excellent - "First time at a visual planning session very interactive!"
                    Joe Strojwas, Director – Town of Taber
Excellent – "Love the visuals: very knowledgeable."  Joan Hart, Lodge Manager
Very good Cory Beck, Maintenance Manager
Very good - "first time with this company even though TDHF has been
                      using them for years and/or multiple uses. Now I see why."
                     Terry Wiebe, CAO
Excellent -    Christy Lund, Councillor - Barnwell
Excellent - "Great planning approach - brainstorming ideas led to
                    visual planning" - Workshop Participant
Excellent - "well done. Graphics awesome." 
                    Myrna Garner, Board Member
Excellent - "very good helped put our wants and needs into a perspective
                    that was easy to prioritize and follow."
                         Rosanne Horrocks, Chairman
Excellent - "very good presentation well done"
                    Linda English, Board Member

Medicine Hat Catholic Board of Education
February 2015

Very good - “Time well Spent, very enjoyable” Robert Risling, MHCBE Trustee
Excellent - “Good discussion, good facilitative process, clear direction to complete tasks. Super!!!” Dela Dewald, Executive Assistant & Communications MHCBE
Excellent -“I appreciate the facilitation. You were well prepared and knowledgeable of our division.” Greg MacPherson, MHCBE
Excellent -“Ask a lot of good questions, good at leading and recording.” Dick Mastel, MHCBE Trustee
Excellent -“Free to speak – facilitated by you (Laurie & Rob) – I feel, as always, that Positive Culture Co. has come to us well prepared and knowledgeable about our ‘Culture’.” Peter Grad, MHCBE Chairperson
Excellent -“I appreciate how you organize our thoughts into very helpful visuals. I appreciate your collective wisdom in continually rolling the conversation in a productive, supportive manner.” Kym Porter, Director of Early Childhood Services MHCBE
Excellent -“Appreciative of the preparation that went into todays workshop. A step towards where we need to go.” Joe Colisro, Superintendent of Schools MHCBE
Excellent -“Positive Culture continues to provide great direction and commitment to what our group needs in terms of vision, mission and values.” Dominique Hirsch, Communications Coordinator MHCBE.
Excellent -“You provided us an opportunity to be open and discuss openly without judgement – to open our eyes to what is important to all of us as a division.”

 Horizon School Division 

Excellent.  Love the process.  An excellent example and modelling of visual reflection and synthesizing of learning…the way our youth and present generation communicate!

Holly Godson, Principal, D.A. Ferguson Middle School

Excellent.  This session facilitated and encouraged great conversations.  The visuals will make it memorable!

Lynn Saler, Supervisor of Early Learning

Excellent.  What an incredibly “brain compatible” workshop!  I was totally engaged throughout the day - really in “the zone”.  Thank-you for helping us to reach common ground and future direction.

Darlene Peckford, Principal

Excellent.  Nice blend of activities, visuals and instruction.

Chad Jenson, Assistant Principal

Excellent.  An excellent way to see our thoughts come to life!

Jason Porteous, Principal

Excellent.  Solid effort in giving us the capacity to reach a shared vision of our task to come.

Mark Lowe

Excellent.  It was refreshing to have a move away from technology to provide a meaningful presentation.  Loved the visual representation!

Angela Miller, Counsellor, Assistant Clinical Team Leader

Excellent interactive  session, enhanced by use of graphics that provoked good conversations.

Ann Muldoon, Director of Inclusive Learning

Very Good.  The workshop was very engaging and creative.  I liked all of the activities that we did and the discussions that we had.

Rebecca Nelson-Fitzpatrick, VP of Chamberlain

Town of Claresholm
February 2014

Excellent, "Great Direction for our group in getting us to think!

Shelley Ford, Town Councillor

Excellent, "Rob and Laurie were amazing at bringing 8 minds together and pulling out a solid vision painlessly and effectively."

Chris Dixon, Councillor

Excellent, "I am a visual learner and it was an awesome way that you presented!  Love the pics!"

Betty Fiegath, Town Councelor

Excellent, "Wonderful facilitation to help us reach vision and core values in a fun & cooperative environment."

Kris Holbeck, CAO, Town of Claresholm

Excellent, " A very valuable exercise that really got our new Council thinking as a collective unit thank-you Laurie and Rob!"

Rob Steel, Mayor of Claresholm

Town of Cardston
January 2014

Excellent.  "Quick, Effective, Creative, Results.  I’ve never had so much fun while being so productive."

Bill Peavoy, Town Councillor

 Excellent.  "The artistry added to the charts really brought home the information being presented."

Richard Bengry, Councillor, Town of Cardston

Excellent.  "Enjoyed the conversations and the visual presentation.  Great involvement.  Appreciated your patience and ability to adjust to our needs – Great flow!! "

Maggie Kronen, Mayor, Town of Cardston

 "Once again, we had a wonderful session.  Great job!"

Marian Carlson, CAO, Town of Cardston

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Interagency Meeting

Lethbridge Alberta September 26, 2013

“New Approach for me. Pictures easy to follow.” 

Joseph Yellowhorn,
Piikani Child and Family Services

“For the first time I was actively engaged from start to finish. What would be a long day seemed to fly by.” 

Kevin Provost,
Piikani Child and Family Services

“Good for people who are visual. Nicely organizes thought / actions / plans.”

Jimmi-Lynn Kinnee,
Alberta Human Resources

“Good work- enjoyed the graphics, great way for someone to learn – visual stimulation (stimuli).”

Gordon Fox – Manager,
Blood Tribe Child Protection Services

“I enjoyed the visualization and mind mapping – It creates hopefulness.” 

Karen English, Executive Director,
Piikani child and Family Services

“I enjoyed the day! Thank-you Rob and Laurie, you both did an awesome job!”

Ying Tsang, Program Manager

“Very organized – got us to where we had to go!” 

Mari MacDonald, Manager,
CFSA SW Alberta

“Fun fast moving – very enjoyable exercise although the subject was ‘serious’.” 

Joanne Little Bear, Supervisor,
Blood Tribe Child Protection Services

“Thanks Rob and Laurie – you helped capture our future Vision and road to success – it was captivating the whole way.”

Lonnie Slezina, CEO, Southwest Alberta Child
and Family Services Authority


Tony Bevans, Supervisor, Alberta Human Services

“Very much enjoyed both facilitators, worked very well together and Laurie was most respectful to get it right. (loved the band aids).”

Sharon Holtman, Aboriginal Co-Chair,
Southwest Alberta Child and Family Services Authority

“Loved the hands on approach.” 

May Olshaski, Executive Assistant,
Southwest Albert Child and Family Services Authority

“Perfect balance between freedom to dream and focus on getting a useable outcome.” 

David O’Brien, Casework Supervisor

“Excellent Facilitation -  very fluid process that made sense from beginning to end. Excellent for us visual learners in the group!” 

Michele Montgomery, Prevention of Family Violence
and Bullying Coordinator, Southwest Albert Child and Family Services Authority

“Very effective to take concepts and put them on the board visually – help to focus.”  

Brenda Burton, Senior Manager, Alberta Human Services

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University of Lethbridge
Ancillary Services

"I would highly recommend the Positive Culture Company’s unique stakeholder input facilitation services!  

Five highly engaging stakeholder input sessions were facilitated, graphically recorded, visually summarized and presented.  

Less than a year later, we have just opened our new food service outlets on campus with a new food provider!  It has been truly transformational! 

The feedback has been so positive and the results spectacular!"

James Booth, Executive Director
Ancillary Services, University of Lethbridge

Red Crow Community College

Lethbridge Alberta, February. 2013

“Hands-on activities!  We worked together.”  

Cam Shade, Coordinator Adult Education, RCCC

“Graphics were excellent and very useful to visual learners.  Presenters were respectful and motivating.” 

Tsuaki Marué, Instructor, RCCC

“Loved the positive atmosphere.  It was wonderful to see all our strengths listed.” 

Jodi Harker, Teacher, RCCC

A Meeting of Service Providers

Taber Alberta, January 16, 2013

“Great! Very engaging.”

Craig Corsie: Principal Prairie Rose School Division

“This was hard work. People all had a chance to TALK.
Well prepared with history and issues.”

George Epp: Horizon School Division/ MCC Taber

“Well done/ very good at pulling info from contributors.”

Randy Giesbrecht: Mennonite Liaison, Prairie Rose School Division

“Great opportunity for sharing and learning.”

Shirley Hill: POP Health Alberta Health Services

“The day was well organized and produced a good balance of
challenges and actions currently being taken.”

David Steele: Deputy Superintendent
Grasslands Public Schools

“Great ability to focus groups in meaningful dialogue.
Great build up from ideas to actions. Great visual representations of thinking.”

Erin Hurkett: Principal Chamberlain School,
Horizon School Division

“Kept the group engaged through excellent visuals.”

Darryl Moser: Principal Central School

“Excellent day. Visuals excellent. Good control of pace of day.”

Audrey Krizsan: Horizon School Division Board Chair

Testimonials Re-imagining High School

Ardrie Alberta, December 2012

“Laurie and Rob provided excellent facilitation.
The leadership they provided in the session provided the structure and exceptional graphics to pull the group together.”

Doug Nicholl: Superintendent, Prairie Rose School Division

“This graphic modeling helps bring meaning to complex thoughts and emotions.”

Brian Callaghan: Education Consultant with ASBA

“Fabulous day- I feel inspired and courageous. Thankx.”

Dianne McConnell: Director of Early Learning ABED

“Very much enjoyed the opportunity for converstion with all participants.”

Barry Litun: Superintendent Lethbridge School District

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CHHS Crescent Heights High School

Medicine Hat, Alberta , September 2012

“Thanks for sharing in our day and helping create a great visual for us.”

Nicole Russell: Teacher CHHS, School District 76

“Thanks for getting us rolling.”

Michelle Hilton: Teacher CHHS, School District 76

“Love the relaxed vibe but also able to get us on track for our wants and needs.”

Teanna Guzzi: Education Assistant, School District 76

“Very enjoyable… loved working with smaller groups.”

Jason Thompson: Teacher CHHS, School District 76

“Visual representations really seem to encourage understanding.”

Connie Carlson: Teacher Aide CHHS, School District 76

“Great visual way to see how a group is feeling.”

Steven Kemp: Teacher CHHS, School District 76

“Thank you for helping us come together and focus some ideas.”

Nicole Shupe: FNMI Education Teacher CHHS, School District 76

“The graphics help bring clarity and understanding to some abstract concepts.”

Mark Ward: Teacher CHHS, School District 76

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Newell Economic Development Board

June 27, 2012:

Workshop purpose: to review current foundational pieces and come to consensus of purpose and short term actions the group will commit to undertake together.

“I feel as though we have got some direction.”

Tom Rose- Mayor, Town of Bassano

“Great way to focus and still keep it ‘light’.”

Anne Marie Philipsen- Councillor, County of Newell

“I believe we squished 2 days into 3 hours. I appreciate your guidance. I think we clarified a lot of issues. We are on the right path. Thank you.”

Ryan Andrews- Councillor, County of Newell

“Gives an excellent plan for the next 6 months and forward as to what direction we must proceed in going to in the future in a very positive manner.”

Norm Gerestein- Councillor, City of Brooks

“Very good again! We need to use you guys more often.”

William Slenders-
Jr. Economic Development Officer

“I appreciated the way you kept us on topic and steered the discussion to a common conclusion.”

Don Gibb- Mayor, Village of Rosemary

“The combination of graphic illustration and facilitation service helps stimulate creative thoughts and leads to new ideas and expanded perspectives.”

Layne Johnson- Assistant Administrator

“Excellent session. Positive Culture Company led us in a very organized and forward fashion to achieve our goal. Thank you.”

John Timko- Mayor, Village of Tilly

Shinah House

Action Planning - July 14, 2012

“Visual and sensory learning is the underpinning of our process for mentoring those who need to grow wellness.  Thank you for allowing us to experience it ourselves.”

Norah Bird Hamilton, Treasurer

“By far the best brain storming ever, thank you!”

Sharon Ryan, RAW Awakening

“Great work- very comprehensive.”

Alex Goodstriker, Investor

“I was amazed of how much more understanding came from this kind of presentation. Outstanding.”

John Latham, CEO Awakenings Wellness Center

“As I am a visual processor and learner this was a great way to put it all together and fun!”

Deborah Pace, Chair- Shinah House

Vibrant Lethbridge

Action Planning
July 4, 2012

“ Great facilitation- you helped us do so much work.”

Sarah Amiel- Program Director,
LFS- Immigration Services

“Huge sense of accomplishment and new direction.”

Diane Randell- Manager,
Community and Social Developmen

“Very visual and excellent job.”

Lew Friesen- Associate Director, Street Alive Mission

“Very good participation by all. felt Comfortable.”

Roy M. Weasel Fat- Interim Director,
U of L- Native Cente

“The visuals really help connect and build ideas.  Your example of working so well together helps set the atmosphere.  Things moved along quickly and therefore remained productive. Thanks.”

Gail McKenzie- Executive Director,
5th and 5th Youth Services

“I really enjoyed this process.  You made it easy for this group to come to an agreement about goals we want to achieve.  You make it look effortless- and it’s not!”

Renae Barlow- Chair, Vibrant Lethbridge

“Visuals aid in seeing the picture!”

Sherri Koskewich- Executive Director, SASHA

“Well done and thanks.”

Farah Mocquais, Inclusion Consultant

The Indigenous Network - SaskPOWER

Indigenous Leadership Forum 2012
June 19 and 20, 2012

"This really helped us focus on our vision. Thank you."

Cory Bell- Assistant Hydro Operator- SaskPower

"Love what you do. Please teach someone to carry on the good work. I mean, awesome work."

Hary Morn Jr.- Hydro Station  Operator- SaskPower

"Meetings will not be the same w/out you."

Lynette Chalifoux- Payroll and Benefits Agent- HR


Brenda Gervais- Accounts Payable-

"I loved seeing our ideas come to life visually- it was great to see the work continue to exist after the words were done."

Jan Craig- Supervisor, Learning- SaskPower

Very good.

Robert Charlette- SaskPower

"Very helpful, organized…even considering how much we short changed them with time."

Mike Rogers- District Operator- SaskPower

"I found the room energized and such positivism. I wanted to bottle it and take it with me. Awesome 2 day. "

Leslee Eisler- Collections Rep- SaskPower

"Very organized."

N.L. Bear- SaskPower

"Perfect facilitation for an audience whose communication is visual!"

Douglas Caszmiel- Policy Issues Coordinator

"Loved the interaction!"

Charmaine Painchaud- Customer Service

"Very good, clear representation!"

Shyla Prettyshield- Student- Saskatchewan

"I like the casual way of the presentation. It was also full and informative. Thank you."

Harry Moleski, CSR- SaskPower

"I was so pleased with the forum, your facilitating was awesome. You kept the energy positive. Thanks!"

Laurie Gosselin- Aboriginal Relations

"Love the doodling; inspired me"

J.N. Atkinson- CSR- SaskPower

"Very nice penmanship, pictures and everything else. You’re a loving couple and also share it."

Nicole Stewart- Hydro Station Operator

Comox Valley School District #71

Board and Senior Staff Planning
May/June 2012

Thank-you, very productive, very positive experience. 

Sherry Elwood, Superintendent SD#71 (B.C.)

Good pace, respected timelines, engaged;  knowledgeable facilitation.

Tom Weber, Board Chair SD#71 (B.C.)

I like the high level of interaction. 

Paula Selby, School Trustee SD#71 (B.C.)

Loved the graphic component – more dynamic than some other sessions I have done – good process of synthesizing results.

Shelia McDonnell, Trustee SD#71 (B.C.)

Very interesting process! 

Ian Heselgrime, Director of Operations SD#71 (B.C.)

Thanks, Great Job. 

R.A. Grinham, Trustee SD#71 (B.C.)

Another outstanding session!!!

Russell Horswill, Secretary Treasurer SD#71 (B.C.)

Great Way to draw out dialogue and to get the interaction. 

Ron Amos, Director of Finance SD#71 (B.C.)

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Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

"All Staff Event" Graphic Recording
April 2012

"Positive Culture Company captured the energy and enthusiasm of our all staff event and our plans for positioning NAIT in 2021.  The artistic composition was completed with alacrity and humor; providing staff with a visual summary of the day’s highlights and reflecting the entrepreneurial spirit that makes NAIT an institute of technology committed to student success.
We thoroughly enjoyed working with you folks and thought the end results were brilliant!

Roxanna Stumbur, Chief of Staff,
Office of the President, NAIT

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AB. Ed. Integrating & aligning ‘Action-On’ Initiatives

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Great facilitation and visuals to create a narrative for the future.  It’s a good way to do some strategic thinking.

Raja Panwar, AB. Ed. Curriculum Standards
and Process Re-design Team

Excellent workshop. This process worked very well to bring focus to what we collectively believe needs to be done to move the transformation work forward.

Stella Shrum, Director, AB. Ed.
Program of Studies & Resources

Excellent graphically facilitated workshop. This session gives me hope and optimism that we will move forward in ways that really move the ‘Action’ agenda along.

Rick Baker, AB. Ed. Executive Director,
Learning & Program Resources

"This workshop was well planned and orchestrated – and now we have much rich thinking to work with – thank-you!"

Dianna Millard, AB. Ed. Director,
School Research & Improvement

"Excellent graphically facilitated workshop. What a wonderful way to capture the ideas and creativity of the group!"

Joan Engel, AB. Ed. Executive Director (Interim),
Planning & Standards

"You really captured the news and views of the group (& individuals) “Brainstorming in Action”.  I really appreciated the “World Café” approach and how nimble you/we were. "

Jim Rubuliak, AB. Ed. Sr. Manager,
Workforce Planning

"Excellent graphically facilitated workshop. Great discussion – lots of fun – food for thought."

Maureen Towns, AB. Ed. Director,
Legislative Services

"Excellent way to capture human thinking which is complex but demonstrated that everyone understands."

Amit Anand, AB. Ed. Project Manager,
Action on Inclusion

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Northland Community Engagement Team –

Aug. 9, 2011

"Rob & Laurie do a good job.  Their work is awesome. These two individuals are sensitive to our First Nation Cultural ways.  I like that.  They accepted the little bit of criticism we sent their way.  Rob & Laurie work well together.  Great artwork. Miyasin, (looks good). "

Pauline Ominayak, Elder, NCETeam

"A very personable and friendly duo who understand the necessity of ‘knowing thy audience’ as quick as they can!  This skill is an asset." 

Laurie Thompson, Principal, Kikino School

"I was very happy to have worked with you and thank you for all your wonderful graphics & facilitation.  Wish us luck on the Blue print for all Aboriginal Schools!  We couldn’t have accomplished the task without you!  Best of luck on your future endeavors! "

J  Joyce Parenteau, Elder NCETeam

"I appreciated the respect shown by facilitators Laurie & Rob of Aboriginal Culture – even though sometimes they were uncertain of what the group was going or what the group was thinking; you moved with us!  Thank you for being open, understanding, respectful and accepting of differing views of the people in the group! "

NCETeam Member

"Your team work is professional.  Keep it up.  Hope to see you both sometime." 
Harry W. Lawrence, Elder, NCETeam

"Great use of graphics to capture participant dialogue. "

NCETeam Member

"Good job Laurie & Rob.  Combination of husband & wife works well together.  Keep it up.  Message of graphics easy to follow.  Please feel free to use me as a reference anytime! "

Archie Cunningham, Chair 
Northern Lakes College Board of Directors

"The facilitators did a great job of keeping the group focused and they have a talent/ability to bring group back to original topic.  I would recommend the Positive Culture Company without hesitation! "

Colin J. Kelly, Co-Chair, NCETeam

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Town of Pincher Creek

February 2011

"This course for our retreat was very well done and informative."

Murray Lauder, Councillor,
Town of Pincher Creek

"Very energizing."

Osei Bosoinpem, Director, Corporate Services,
Town of Pincher Creek

"Very successful/ Thank-you."

Al Rosh, Director of OPS,
Town of Pincher Creek

Excellent.  "Very well timed – stayed right on schedule.  Made it fun."

Laurie Wilgosh, CAO,
Town of Pincher Creek

Excellent.  "Enjoyed the interaction of Rob and Laurie.  A good team approach to get information out of the group.  You got to the point and to conclusions in an efficient and fun way."

Don Anderberg, Councillor,
Town of Pincher Creek

"Excellent strategic planning workshop.  The most interesting and entertaining facilitation I have had the opportunity to attend."

Lorne H. Jackson, Councillor,
Town of Pincher Creek

"Excellent strategic planning workshop.  This moved along well, was focused all the way to the conclusion and was time sensitive.  It respected our valued time constraints too."

Roy E. Smyth, Councillor, Town of Pincher Creek

"Excellent strategic planning workshop.  GREAT."

Ernie Olsen, Mayor,
Town of Pincher Creek

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Village of Rosemary

February, 2011


William T. Marshall, Councillor,
Village of Rosemary


Gerard Fortier, Public Works,
Village of Rosemary

Excellent. " It was a very well thought out process which lead us to develop a very doable strategic plan.  A very worthwhile experience."

Don Gibbs, Mayor,
Village of Rosemary

"You guys are GREAT!
-analyzing whole situation"

Yoko Fujimoto, Councillor,
Village of Rosemary

Excellent.  "Effective presentation and style!"

Sharon Zacharias, CMA, Accountant,
Village of Rosemary

"Led Council and Staff through the process in a comprehensive and easily understandable way.  Good job at incorporating the community input."

Marg Loewen, CAO,
Village of Rosemary

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MH School District #76

February, 2011

"Facilitators effectively engaged all participants.  Facilitators demonstrated efforts to understand content and context of our work, reality and district." 

David George, Principal ,
Crestwood School

Excellent.  "Thank you for taking us through the process.  It was hard work and we have a sense of accomplishment."

Sherrill Fedor, Associate Superintendent,
Student Services

Excellent.  "I have never been involved in a workshop facilitation in this manner – it was wonderful.  We all became more creative in our thinking as we worked with you."

Marian Biggins, Director of Student Services,
MH School District #76

Excellent presentations – you do a great job!

Lionel Brideson, Principal 
Elm Street School

Graphic organizers are a proven best teaching practice – this presentation proves it!

G. Houlston, Director of programs and instruction,
MH School District #76

Excellent.  The process you guided us through was perfectly consistent with the work we are trying to accomplish in the classroom.  Thank you for this.

Deborah Forbes, Trustee,
MH School District #76

Excellent.  Highly engaging!  A presentation that models the teaching strategies we like to see.

Rick Lane, Principal,
MH School District #76

Excellent.  This was an outstanding process assisting us to move forward as an organization.  The visuals provide a unique and powerful vehicle to facilitate goal setting creating a common direction and moving us forward.

Lyle Cunningham,  Associate Superintendent,
MH School District #76

Excellent.  You folks bring life to our planning and discussions.  How did we ever function before you joined us?

Rick Massini, Trustee,
MH School District #76

Excellent.  Visuals helped clarify concept.  Process facilitated moving concepts forward.

Terry Riley, Chairman of the Board of Trustees,
MH School District #76

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City of Lacombe

Jan 31 & Feb. 1, 2011

Very Good.  "The process was both interactive and very well structured.  Council was always engaged and you have captured their ideas in a structured and concise manner."

Michael Minchin, Acting CAO,
City of Lacombe

Very Good.  "Very well presented, kept my attention and interest.  Engaging, thought inspiring process."

Outi Kite, Councillor,
City of Lacombe

Excellent. " Very well done.  We had a great time going through this process."

Wayne Rempel, Councillor,
City of Lacombe

Excellent.  "Very well facilitated.  Impressed with the research of our community prior to session."

Steve Christie, Mayor,
City of Lacombe

Excellent.  "Well organized!  Creative!  Well structured!  Personable!  Professional!"

Peter Bouwsema, Councillor,
City of Lacombe

Excellent.  "Thought provoking and encouraged participation." 

Grant Creasey, Councillor,
City of Lacombe

Excellent.  "A positive engaging process.  Thank you!  A benefit to our staff and community."

Nadine St. Denis, Legislative Coordinator,
City of Lacombe

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MH Catholic Board of Education

Dec. 2 & 3, 2010

Excellent.  "A visionary voyage!  Thank you."

Della Dewald, Executive Assistant,
MH Catholic Board of Education

Excellent.  "Process allows and encourages all participants to provide feedback without worry of being criticized.  Great process!  Thank you!"

Stan Aberle, Trustee

"Very helpful in helping us ot flesh out our ideas for strategic plan. "

Kelly Van Ham, Trustee,
MH Catholic Board of Education

Excellent.  "Very creative.  Excellent energy.  Very good use of time.  Good use of leading questions.  Graphics provide great broundaries and identify common areas."

Dick Mastel, Trustee

Excellent.  "Once again you have facilitated a warm, efficient, effective flow of ideas.  Your artistic portrayal of our ‘experience’ together adds a transcending dimension."

Peter Grad, Chair,
MH Catholic Regional School Division #20

Excellent.  "Thank you again Rob and Laurie.  The Board is very comfortable with you and is clearly very trusting with you in the room."

David Leahy, Superintendent, MH Catholic Regional School Division #20

Excellent.  "Laurie and Rob do a very good job of getting us to clarify our objectives and strategies.  Having clarity makes the planning fall into place.  Thank you."

Jodi Churla, Vice-Chair,
MH Catholic Regional School Division #20

Excellent.  "This was a great opportunity to review and set the direction the Board is going."

Greg MacPherson, Secretary-Treasurer,
MH Regional School Division #20 

"Well done!  Thanks for your time."

Wayne Schlosser, Deputy-Superintendent,

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Friends of Medalta

Nov.18, 2010

"Excellent session – kept us on time and on task.  Able to extract the meat from all the group discussions."

Doug Fleming, Secretary, Friends of Medalta 


Adolf Seiler, Chairman, Friends of Medalta 

"Well conducted."

Quentin Brehmer, Director, Friends of Medalta 

"Great job very helpful and inspiring."

James Marshall, Director, Friends of Medalta 

Excellent.  "Good leardership and well put together.  Thanks so much!"

Terry L. Chapman, Director, Friends of Medalta 

Excellent.  "Strong energy!  Flexible and fun!  Hit the mark."

Barry Finkelman, Executive Director
and General Manager, Historic Clay District

Excellent.  "Thank you!"

Laurie Switzer, Administrator,
Historic Clay District

Excellent.  "Outstanding, good job at drawing all the creative energy from us."

Cal Niebergall, Board Member,
Friends of Medalta

Excellent.  Good leadership in the process.  Well mapped out process.

Dave Sherwood, Director,
Friends of Medalta

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"I would recomment the Positive Culture Company to any CAO or Municipal Manager looking for a dynamic planning session that will bring Council Members together to find consensus of Key Areas for Action over the next 3 to five years." - more...

Leo Ludwig, CAO
Town of Coaldale

"Thank-you for a job very well done. You are an incredibly smooth and effective facilitation team."

David Green,
Pincher Creek, AB

“Excellent.  A well-structured process that stayed on task and on schedule and remained fun all day.  A clear, visually oriented end product that leaves me with a quick reflection to recall discussions.”

Cody McClintock,
Rocky Mtn House, AB

“A clear, visually oriented end product that leaves me with a quick reflection to recall discussions.”
“The most engaging workshop I have ever attended!  The ability to capture our thoughts and condense them onto paper in a very concise and objective way was Awesome!!!  LOVED the artwork – brings everything into focus.”
“LOVED the artwork – brings everything into focus.”

Diana Peters,
County of Newell, AB.

“Excellent. An innovative facilitation of difficult areas and topics.”

Frank Canavan,
Grande Prairie, AB

“Excellent.  Thought-provoking.  The graphics assisted our ability to integrate the information.  Very worthwhile process.  Thank you!”

Tania Miller,
Medicine Hat, AB

“The graphic technique was very effective.  I appreciated the manner in which you gave us enough time to discuss, debate and think, but also moved us along when we needed it.  Your pleasant congenial manner kept us all at ease, while still focused on the task at hand.”

Don Falk,
Red Deer, AB

“Excellent.  I have attended facilitated workshops before but not ones so thoroughly and creatively planned out. 
The activities created conversation and generated fabulous ideas.  You were fun and I would love to attend another workshop facilitated by you.”

Janna Grant,
Brooks, AB

“Excellent work facilitating a very complex process!  Thank you!!”

Scott Brandt,
Brooks, AB

“Having the information organized in such a manner makes it easier to see where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re going.”

Sandra Richard,
Medicine  Hat, AB

“One of the most successful and engaging vision-building sessions I have taken part in.”

Mayor Robert Tarleck,
City of Lethbridge

“Great facilitation, very positive way of dealing with issues. Graphical representation of planning was EXCELLENT.”

Rob Miyashiro,
Program Manager

”Kept us on track – clear goals. Rejuvenating experience.”

Irwin Wyrostok,
Operations Manager

“Love the artwork. Effective use of time. Painless.”

Kelly Christman,
Bassano FCSS

our client listing
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