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What is Visual Language?

Visual Language: breaking the understanding barrier

the human brain is wired for visual input

Visual Language has its roots in the first communication tools used by man. Pictographs are a remnant of this early language development. Early man most likely used visual elements combined with story to convey ideas and concepts to others.

cave art

Visual Language today is defined as the creative combining of words and images within defined shapes and structures. It can be used to simplify difficult concepts, illustrate deeper meaning or assist in collaborative thinking.

Visual Language parts

Rob and Laurie employ visual language through-out their workshops and presentations to foster greater understanding thereby maximizing the creative potential of the group.

APPLICATIONS for Visual Language


The use of Visual Language to enhance communication processes in group meetings and workshops is fast becoming a tool of choice in facilitation. One of the main uses is to improve the effectiveness of a group planning or problem solving activity. Employing the guidelines of Visual Language, Rob and Laurie graphically facilitate meetings and workshops that provide focus and alignment, are stimulating and interesting, and that effectively engage and move people 'from dialogue to action'. more...

graphic record

Graphic Recording

Working alongside a presenter, instructor or another facilitator, Rob and Laurie are able to capture key content using visual language by recording information on large, 4x8' sheets of paper. This use of visual language replaces linear, text-based flipchart notes and affords participants the ability to grasp complex ideas, see patterns in information, and clearly remember concepts and conversations. Graphic Recordings can also serve as a useful tool to tell the story or information to others beyond the presentation, workshop or meeting. more...

Rob Benn Graphic Recording

Information Sharing

Key information, complex concepts, and new ideas can be illustrated using visual language. Utilizing visually stimulating presentation materials not only appeals to audiences, but also serves to greatly enhance understanding and retention of important information. Creating content-rich and appealing info-murals and graphics is a specialty area of Rob and Laurie. more...

example mural


Learning Visual Language

One of the best ways to embrace visual language is by taking a beginner level course that will introduce you to the basics of visual language. Rob and Laurie provide interactive, hands-on workshops that do just this! No previous drawing experience is necessary - if you can print, draw circles, squares and triangles, you can learn visual language! Rob and Laurie will teach you what you need to know to immediately begin applying visual language in your professional and personal life. more...

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